Familiar, Home, Safe our new normal

I can not even express how grateful we are to have the support we have from our customers. I have gone through every emotion these past few weeks. 

In the past 3 weeks we have sold our home, moved all the belongings to storage, lived in a hotel and tried to find housing in a city that is shutdown for Covid -19. Closed our business and sent 7 employees home not knowing if or when I could reopen the store.

Whoa no wonder I'm tired. One thing kept me sane, knowing that my savior had this. It was going to be ok. We have never had good luck in real estate, we were expecting this to take months. It took 4 days. All of the furniture sold in one weekend. We were ready to go pickup our new travel trailer and this is where it went south. I am self employed ( for only 2 years) no one will consider my income yet. No travel trailer. Well by this point we are living in a hotel what little possessions we have left are in storage. What now, its in the middle of this little viral outbreak and the city is literally shutting down. We had 2 days before we knew that the shelter in place order was coming. 

This is where Jesus steps in, we found a beautiful apartment and it was available immediately.(God wink) Now we have somewhere to live but we don't  even have a pillow or blanket. All we had was a few dishes and some towels ( fifth wheels come with furniture). It's ok though, I text Allison Hayes (Amarillo Furniture Exchange) she meets me at her store and helps me pick out the most beautiful furniture and makes sure its being delivered before I have to check out of my hotel. Chad is working during this time and I am struggling to get everything done on my own. Allison and Shorty are going through their own struggles with having to close stores, yet she stops and helps me. (another God wink).

You remember those employees I had to lay off, well here they come. Helping move boxes, washer and dryer up the stairs. Washing dishes and putting my kitchen together. They are a big God wink!!!!! 

So it brings me to a realization, what is normal?? I haven't lived in the city limits in 26 years. There is something so peaceful and relaxing about this place that I can not explain. I like this part of our new normal. 

Remember that we are all struggling right now, its scary none of us have been through this before. We are all going through uncharted territory. As business owners, husbands , wives and parents we have to work together and be the hands a feet of Jesus right now. God is still in control! He is winking at us and guiding the way. He is placing people in your path to help you or maybe your supposed to help them. That young girl checking you out and looks scared to death, smile at her. Our husbands ,wives and children who are working on the frontline pray over them and pray for the family at home waiting for there loved one who is out there fighting to protect and care for you.

Pray for the business owners who are trying to hold on, find a new normal and still protect their employees and you. We are all in this together striving to find peace a sense of security and the new normal. I can see God in little nudges or winks from him every day. Just listen to your heart.

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