How did I get here????

How did I get here??? This is not what I studied in college, prepared for or ever dreamed I would be doing. Sometimes when we think we have it all figured out,planned out every detail is when God will shut the door in front of you so he can redirect you to the path he made for you. I am not a perfect Christian ( haven't met one yet). When God calls you to do something you better listen or never get a full nights sleep again. You see God likes to talk at 0300!!!! Every night until I listen. I am not a expert on scripture, I cant recite biblical quotes. I am simply a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter. I have struggled with my faith and questioned God every step of the way. I have been attacked by satan and shook to my very core, he has come after my children, husband and me. When God made me he made me extra stubborn!!! He definetly added some extra sassiness and a  mouth that matches. (Sorry Mom) What I didn't realize is he was preparing me for this journey. If I had not gone through all the trials I would not have had the strength to step out in blind faith and give him control. So here I am just a girl who loves Jesus&Chocolate with every part of me.

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  • This is awesome Patti! Thank you for sharing! You’ve got this and God is right there with you!! You are doing a great job!! So happy for you and your family!!💞💕🤗

    Laura Owen

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