Imperfect Christmas

What do your Christmas traditions look like? This year looks a lot different for us. Every year I would have so much anxiety about having the perfect tree, decor, outside lights. Everything had to be perfect. The girls would help decorate the tree, then when they went to bed I would rearrange so the ornaments were in the perfect position. I had to take the perfect picture to post to Facebook. 
When we sold our house , we also sold all of our perfect decorations. I saved some for the store and just saved the sentimental ones. Some the girls made at school, some where bought to remember the ones no longer with us. We went and got a real tree( so against everything i used to do) mess and all. Jaylie placed the ornaments and stepped back and said Hunny its absolutely perfect. Yes it is baby girl!!! Its the most imperfect beautiful tree I have ever seen.

I could go on and on about how Covid wrecked my holiday plans, How we used to do this and that , rush from place to place to just get it all done. Stress about the menu, cooking all the food and how we would get to everyones house to have Christmas 3 - 4 different places. The reality is I have really enjoyed the simple, not rushed Christmas season. We are doing 1 Christmas with our kids and not making any other plans besides sitting back and actually enjoying our grandbaby. Watching the pure joy on her face as she decorated the tree, helped hand out cookies and visiting Santa at our store. No rushing here and there, no black friday shopping or worrying about how we would pay for it all. Yes Covid has taken away from us, but what it has left us was a return to a much simpler time. A time to reflect on what is most important. There is nothing more important than your family and friends(who have become closer than family). If I take anything from 2020 it is to just slow down, enjoy the little things. Love your family hard. Life is too short and rushing around to squeeze it all in sometimes you miss what is most important and right in front of you. Let her decorate the tree, make a mess, put glitter everywhere. She will treasure these memories the rest of her life and so will I. What traditions will you be doing this year? Lets start a thread of the positives from this year. Leave me a comment of something positive from this last year.


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