Its been a while since my last post. I was hoping that by t his time we would be posting about all the wonderful stories that came from our time during the pandemic. I never would have imagined that it was still  going on. Our world has changed so much since March, this is not where we any of us wanted to be at. I really miss all the happy smiling faces in the dinning room. People visiting, laughing and just enjoying each others company. 

I would be lying if i told you that we were doing ok, the truth is  this has been hard. We will have good weeks then back down the next week. The emotional and physical strain has been hard on me and my crew. We love what we do!!! We want to continue providing the quality, healthy products to you. 

One thing I have learned during this is to not take anything for granted. Love your family like its your last day, never leave angry and say I love you every time you leave. Be kind, we are all struggling during this time and your words can be what gives someone hope to just  hold on. I am not worried about COVID ( I have prepared my body the best I can to fight off the virus if I was to get it), I am worried about the emotional toll it is taking on people. Never have I seen so much hate and anger towards others. What happened to love thy neighbor??? We are better than this!!

I get to see several sides of this, as a wife to a front line worker and as a struggling business owner. I do see the toll it is taking on our hospital family. I understand completely the battle to keep people safe and taking care of the ones that are sick. I also see the other side, i have employees that depend on their paychecks to feed their families , to keep a roof over their  heads. Nothing about this is easy. What i dont get is why do you have to be on one side or another. Why can we not support and show respect to each other?? Where is the love and caring for your neighbors? 

I refuse to take sides!! I will continue to fight for my business, for these kids that depend on me for their paychecks and each one of you. I will pray fervently for an end to all of this. I will love everyone! no matter the color of your skin, your beliefs, your occupation. I refuse to be without hope for our future. If your need prayer , I am here. If you need a  cup of coffee and someone just to listen I am here. I will cry with you and rejoice with you. I AM HERE!!!


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