Sunday Dinner

Who still does Sunday Dinners??? You know the kind where everyone gathers at the grandparents after church. My best memories from childhood are from these Sunday dinners, my cousins and I running around playing games. My PaPaw , uncles and my Daddy all sitting out on the back porch talking cars, farming and just visiting. All of my aunts and Mamie cooking in the kitchen. The dessert cart(yes it was a cart) piled high with beautiful pies, cookies and cakes. After dinner we would  sit around (obviously stuffed) and play games. These are just a few sweet memories from when I was growing up. 

One blessing that has come from Covid- 19 has been the chance to slow down. Reflect on the past and think about the future. My life these days is completely different. Working long days, stress from owning a business and just the unknown of what we are all going through right now. I think if I see one more commercial about we are all in this together I  might scream. We are not all in this together. We are all in different stages of life and it has effected each one of us differently. It has forced me to slow down, take some time off. It has turned us back to family time instead of rushing everywhere trying to get stuff done. It made me want to turn back time and have Sunday dinners again. A time when life felt simple and happy. 

The last couple of weeks we have done just that. I cook Sunday dinner, not worrying about anything else just making dishes that my mom would make me as i was growing up. They are not all Bali and i do make them healthy as possible but  sometimes you just want something from your childhood that brings a smile to your face. Last Sunday i made my Mom's chicken legs, (totally not healthy) but it made her smile. Seriously yall they were dipped butter and rolled in Lay's potato chips.

Here we are sitting at my  tiny table, eating off of mismatched dishes and enjoying every minute of it. We have played more games of Uno and Skip Bo than i can count  laughed, told stories and just enjoyed being together. My little mini me is learning how to play cards( she is going to be a card shark). For a little while the world just stops, this is something that I will keep doing even after this is over and we go back to our normal lives. Covid -19 has taught me to treasure this time with my Mom and my kids. To go out on that date with my husband even if it's just to pick up dinner and eat on the front porch. 

What positive thing have you learned from all of this? Send me your stories and we will put them all together. Lets show the  world that its not hopeless and good is coming out of this.


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